Where it all comes together

By design I beleive humans have been devided causing a global nightmare. I also beleive that we, at least some of us, are granted the opportunity to get a glince of what’s behind our conditioning and come up with powerful ways towards understanding, unity, acceptance and love.

By transforming places from the past into furtile ground for New Creatives to feel safe, free to look with new eyes, form strong community’s and create eye-opening experiences, manifestions and realities as a way of life, showing their families, communities, countries and the world a way to come together.

Hi, they call me Peter

Imprinted with the internet I began to see the purpose humans share to carry conciousness and build new realities. I developed a passion to unite and empower people to follow their hearts and realize their dreams. I do this by developing creative hubs and plan to build a permanent and succesful breeding ground where all kind of colors and cultures experience, connect and grow and New Creatives come together and produce new work, services and events and make ways that far exceed the old.




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